Artist: Zolof The Rock And Roll Destroyer
Song: Pinball
Album: Unicorns, Demos, B-sides, And Rainbows

Main Riff: (Plunked on a little kids piano)E|-----------------------------------------|B|-----------------------------------------|G|----353-------353-----3-3-3--3---3-------|D|-05-----50-05-----53-----5-----5--542----|A|-----------------------------------------|E|-----------------------------------------|
Verse 1: C/G5 We armor ourselves for war A5 Do damage to pinball scores G5 Chancing our luck at a stop for trucks C/G5 We pick on people smaller than us A5 But that doesn't do us much G5 A few men are down but we're not yet done F5 C/G5 G5 I wanna know who's gonna be mean F5 C/G5 G5 'Cause I wanna know who's gonna be mad Verse 2: Fiascos get out of hand When evil is in demand We're playing a war that is not worth winnin we all will stand in line With citations & or fines It's hard to stop when you're on top These coins will be the end of us... Chorus: Cause i wanna know who's gonna be mean Cause i wanna know who's gonna be mad And i wanna know if it's gonna be me
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