Zolof The Rock And Roll Destroyer - Theres That One Person Youll Never Get Over No Matter How Long Its Bee tab

Zolof the Rock and Roll Destroyer- There's That One Person You'll
Never Get Over No Matter How Long It's Been
Tabbed by Grundle the Taint

Someone screwed up about half past the night -----------------
wish I'd been up I could've had a blast and then run         |
but I know know there's that one person everyone has         |- verse 1
that messed them up and they're still thinking about them ---

 A 			B
they're everywhere    they're everywhere 

between the booze bob goes go out and have fun---------------
now nodding off I know I should've listened to him          |
but I know now that i'm not half as bad as I thought        |-- verse 2
it's everyone and I feel better knowing that ----------------

A			B
we're everywhere    we're everywhere

Verse(1 and 2):E----------------------------------------------|B----------------------------------------------|G---6-------/--8-------/--9-------9------------|D---x--(x5)-/--x--(x5)-/--x-(x5)--6(x5)--------|A---4-------/--6-------/--7-------7------------|E---5-------/--7-------/-----------------------|
Anthong Green at his best email correction to : jstadt@purdue.edu http://www.zoloftherockandrolldestroyer.com/
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