After Image - Only You chords

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ONLY YOU by After Image

INTRO: C--F--;(2x)

C                          F
 There is no one else for me
C                                 F
 I could search the world through all eternity
C                     F
 I could sweep the sky and the sea
C                                F   C   F
 If there�ll be no one else for me

C                       F
 I need nothin' else to say
C                        F
 I could live my life on through another day
C                F
 A thousand words I want to speak
C                           F
 But I need nothin' else to say

Am           G             C
 And through me, eyes will see
             F      C   F
 There will be only you
      C   F  
 Only you


 You touch my life
              G     Dm-C-
 You clear my eyes, you
            F                G    
 Until the darkness turns to light


06:33 AM
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