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Arctic Monkeys - Brick By Brick tab

New song Brick by Brick, its as tight as duck's arse.

This is the lead guitar cba figuring the rhythm.


e ---------------------                       -------|
b ---------------------                       -------|
g --------------------- Repeat as many        -------|
d -2-5--5-5-5-2--2-2-2- times as necessary    -5-5-5-|
a -2-5--5-5-5-2--2-2-2- then end on:          -5-5-5-|
E -0-3--3-3-3-0--0-0-0-                       -3-3-3-|


e ----------------------|
b -8-10---8-10---8------|
g ------9------9---9-9--| x4
d ----------------------|
a ----------------------|
E ----------------------|

e ------------------------------------------|
b -10-8------10-8------10--12-11-10-9-8-7-6-|
g ------9-9-------9-9-----------------------|
d ------------------------------------------|
a ------------------------------------------|
E ------------------------------------------|


e ------------------------------------------------------------------------|
b -10b-10b11----10b-p8---15~--17-12~--8-10-8-10-10b12-10--8-5-3--3h5s8-5~-|
g ---------------------9--------------------------------------------------|
d ------------------------------------------------------------------------|
a ------------------------------------------------------------------------|
E ------------------------------------------------------------------------|

Verse 2.

I'm sure i can hear some tremolo in this verse, try picking high pitched E's, B's, G's 
or A's as the song is made of mainly those notes.

Chorus 2.

Break 2:

e -----------------------------------------------------------|
b ------------------------------15b17-12s9s8-----------------| Not very sure
g -9-9~---------------------------------------7b9r7----------| on the final
d --------7~-------------------------------------------------| part of the
a ------------5s7s5s7s5s7-----------------------------5s7s5~-| second break
E -----------------------------------------------------------|

The little breakdown after the second break is the same as the intro/verses but strummed lighter.

Chorus 3. (This is played till the end)

Then finish on:

e -----
b -----
g -----
d -2-5-
a -2-5-
E -0-3-

I doubt this is 100% but its more or less on the dot, Jack Pollard is short.

Any questions you have I'd be happy to answer,

Safe lad x
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