Arrogant Worms - Happy Birthday chords

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First ever tab! Not actually mine, I got it from This song is GENIUS

Intro:  / G - - - / - - - - /


G (2)

Once a year we celebrate

          C                     G
With stupid hats and plastic plates

         G (2)
The fact that you were able to make

              C        G (hold)
Another trip around the sun

G (2)
And the whole clan gathers round

        C                       G
And gifts and laughter do abound

       G (2)
And we let out a joyful sound

       C                      G (hold)
And sing that stupid song

    G            C             G (2)
Happy birthday!  Now you're one year older!

    G            C             G (2)
Happy birthday!  Your life still isn't over!

    G           C              G
Happy birthday!  You did not accomplish much

 G (2)
But you didn't die this year

    C               G
I guess that's good enough


/ G - - - / - - - - / C - - - / G (hold) /

    G (2)
So let's drink to your fading health

    C              G
And hope you don't remind yourself

     G (2)
The chance of finding fame and wealth

     C              G (hold)
Decrease with every year

    G (2)
Does it feel like you're doing laps

        C           G
And eating food and taking naps

    G (2)
And hoping that someday perhaps

     C                   G (hold)
Your life will hold some cheer

     G           C                      G (2)

Happy birthday!  What have you done that matters?

     G           C                      G (2)
Happy birthday!  You're starting to get fatter

     G                 C            G
Happy birthday!  It's downhill from now on

   G (2)
Try not to remind yourself

    C               G
Your best years are all gone

/ G - - - / - - - - / C - - - / G (hold) /


  G (2)
If cryogenics were all free

     C                   G
Then you could live like Walt Disney

    G (2)
And live for all eternity

 C                G (hold)
Inside a block of ice

 G (2)
But instead your time is set

     C           G
This is the only life you get

    G (2)
And though it hasn't ended yet
     C                 G (hold)
Sometimes you wish it might

      G              C                 G (2)
Happy birthday!  You wish you had more money

      G              C                    G (2)
Happy birthday!  Your life's so sad it's funny

      G              C                 G
Happy birthday!  How much more can you take?

  G (2)
But your friends are hungry

        C              G
So just cut the stupid cake

           G (2)                      A7 (2)
Happy birthday!  Happy birthday!
           C (2)         D7 (2)

Happy birthday, dear...
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