Attack In Black - Footprints chords

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Attack in Black - Footprints
capo on 2ed fret | chords in relation to capo

D   C G

D			Em		C
My distraction grows in leaps and bounds
in every year gone by.
D		    Em		  C
my addresses now so lovely penned
the blind would shed a tear
D			Em	   C
maybe I don't need the things
that you and you need
D		 Em		C
and maybe I'm the shadow cast
on drying grass and dying trees.

Em		D	C	G
a scar is only so wen cuts run too deep
Em	    D		C
forgiveness rests upon the weight
of what we give and what we keep

D   C G

maybe there's a footprint I left a life ago.
if so, there's something beautiful
out there, somewhere, I know

words can only reach the ears
of whom you aim to speak
a stone can only roll
so far as the ground is not too steep

A			G  D	  Em
and I aim to speak to generations
A			G  D	Em
I only wish to touch but one
A				G  D	Em
drive to tears that something beautiful
    C	  Em	G
may never come undone

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