Audacious - I Have Decided chords

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Intro – Dm F G G

Verse 1
                Dm                C/E               F   
Give me one day, one more moment with you I pray
      Am                     Dm            C/E              F           
I’m holding on as i’m falling deeper in love you each day
You’re wonderful so beautiful
Verse 2
         Dm                 C/E            F     Am
Pressing forward leaving the past behind, take hold of all you are
        Dm                 C/E                                                  
There is nothing, no one compare’s to you
        F                  Am
Your ways, are higher than my ways
Pre Chorus 
  Dm     C/E             F
I turn my eyes towards Jesus
               Dm                 C/E   F
‘Cause there where my help comes from
        C                  G
I have decided to follow you Jesus
I will go where you say go
               Am                         G(C)          (Play the C on repeat chorus)
Stand on the promise that our God is for us
The miracle’s coming, The miracle’s coming
        F                             C/E
I will find you in valley and the mountain tops
        Dm                        Am
‘Cause I hear you whispering my name
        F                       C/E
You are with me in the fire and the darkest night
            Gsus                         G
You’re here with me, Yes you’re here
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