Avenged Sevenfold - Seize The Day Acoustic chords

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This tab of completely of my own work.
Took me a long time to make out the chords,
and i'm sure this is maybe at the least 90% correct
(the 2nd chord in the intro might be off).
Please rate and comment it.
I just give you the chords in the order you play them,
all within their time period and you figure out the strumming pattern.
On the interlude I just used the distorted guitar to play it,
it's up to you whether play or wait.
The chord diagram for these chords are at the bottom.

Seize The Day - Avenged Sevenfold
Tuning Standard
E A D G B E (Low to High)
6 5 4 3 2 1 (For those than don't know)

Intro 0:00-0:12
Dm  Fsus2  G  Csus2  Bb6 Csus2  Dm

PreVerse 0:13-0:36
G5  C  F  C  Dm  G5  C  F

Verse 0:37-1:05
Dm  G5  F  C  x 4

Chorus 1:05-1:18
G5  C  F  C  Dm  Bb
Strum Bb downwards single noted

Intro/PreVerse 1:26-1:40
Dm  Fsus2  G  Csus2  Bb6  Csus2  Dm

Verse 1:40-2:06
Dm  G5  F  C  x 4

Chorus 2:06-2:21
G5  C  F  C  Dm  Bb
Strum Bb Downwards single noted

Intro/Bridge 2:27-2:40
Dm  Fsus2  G  Csus2  Bb6  Csus2  Dm  

PreSolo 2:41-2:50
Dm  Fsus2  G  Csus2  Bb6

Under the Solo 2:50-3:35
F - [Csus2  Dm  Bb6  Fsus2]  x 3
When playing play F once, repeat what's in brackets.

Bridge 3:35-3:51
Csus2  Dm  Bsus2  F  C  Bb Bb
Strum Bb Downwards single noted
And at 3:55 strum Bb downwards single noted again.

Intro/Final Chorus 4:00-4:27
Dm  Fsus2  G  Csus2  Bb6 Csus2  Dm  x 2

Interlude 4:27-4:54

PreOutro 4:54-5:08
G5  Dm  A  Bb x 2

G5  Dm  A  Bb6 x 2
On the last repeat only play Bb6 once and let ring out.

At the very end play

Chord Diagram
 Dm   Fsus2   G   Csus2   Bb6   G5   C   F   Bb   Bsus2   A
e|1   1       3   3       3     3    0   1   x    1       x
B|3   1       3   3       3     3    1   1   3    1       2
G|2   0       0   0       0     0    0   2   3    3       2
D|0   3       0   0       3     0    2   3   3    3       2
A|x   x       x   3       1     x    3   3   1    1       0
E|x   x       x   x       x     3    x   1   x    x       x
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