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Backyard Babies - Where Were You tab

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Backyard Babies - Where Were You @ Backyard Babies (2008)

there are only chords, without solo, sorry
original tonality has that chords on standart tune (E A D G H E)

here Hb is

intro:	Eb - Ab - Eb x5

i gotta do it tonight

we don't belong
now it's been much too long
here comes the feeling again

i'm furious
and you're so serious

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           Ab                Hb
i'm on the wrong side of the town
    Eb                   Ab
i'm tired and without a crown
Ab                                  Hb
sometimes you get stronger from the pain

               Eb      Eb - D - Ab
so where were you?
              Cm                                  Ab
now were are things that i would say to make you smile?
where were you?
 Eb    D    Ab
where were you?
               Cm                              Ab
now where are things that we would do to stay alive?

my friend (chords on last line: Eb - Ab - Eb - Hb)

i made a promise to you
but can't be true
i failed in every way
i always wanted to leave
i didn't believe
that i could be serious

always a lot and never little for sure
you need a key to open up that door
sometimes i am lucky if i'll survive
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