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Bangles - Walking Down Your Street tab

INTRO:  C7    
 guitar riff:


(VERSE) (Dm) Oooh, oh I've had © sleepless nights
(Dm) Toss and turn, wake up burning
© For what you inspire

(CHORUS) So I'm gonna © walk right down your street (Gm7)
With a © love that I can't hide (Gm7)
I've got © one thing on my mind, yeah
I'll even (F) sacrifice my (Ab) pride
'Cause I want © you...

(VERSE) Oooh, oh how I wish you would be mine
My pulse is weak, I'm blushing brighter
Than a Valentine

(CHORUS) (Dm7) sacrifice my (F) pride…

(BRIDGE) 'Cause (F7) I can't stop
The (Am) way I feel
So (Dm7) I keep walking (F) on
'Cause I want (C6) you...

Guitar solo:  Gm   C6   (repeat)

Walking down your street...

C6:  xx2213
F7:  131233
Dm7: xx0211 or x57565
C7:  x32310 or x35353
Dm:  xx0231 or x57765
Gm7: 353333
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