Big Scary - Leaving Home chords

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Leaving Home by Big Scary

Intro (just play single notes) D    F#m    D    F#m    G


D       Gm        D             Gm            G
Stay awake, cause life's like a blink of the eye
D       Gm     D                      Gm                   G
Breathe in...I feel the weight as the words they tumble down

(Play chords from here on)
D                                    Bm                            G
Brace yourself your life's about to change, how you don't even know
D                                    Bm                              G
But change is hard to deal with when all I feel is how I miss you now

       Bm         A                G
As you sit there crying on the phone
     D                          Bm                     G
It's funny how a goodbye is the only way to really say I love you.
And love that's shared is love that's spared 
      Bm                             G
from every inch of soil between us now.

Bm       A                      G
Places a time when I don't know how

       D                                              G
Oh the simplicity to piece together all I've been shown
      D                                                              G
But I don't know how it feels to have every piece of me crying to go home
        D                                                      G
Oh that feel went away and the pleasure falling asleep next to you
        D                                                            G
And the weight of the crime when we know that we do not know what to do

       Bm        A             G
As you sit there crying on the phone
       Bm        A                G
As you sit there wishing yourself home

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