Black Stone Cherry - In My Blood chords

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Song: In My Blood
Artist: Black Stone Cherry
Tuning: Standard

I'm in an acoustic band and this is how we play it.

Chords: D5 (No F# on high E string) 
        Asus2 (Just like A only open B String)

Intro:  D5    A5    Csus2    G

      D5          Asus2
Right here, right now

              Csus2                     G
We're falling apart while we're falling down

    D5       Asus2                Csus2         G
Who knew, to hurt would feel this good

      D5               Asus2
Move along so far from home

      Csus2           G
My mistakes go on and on

   D5      Asus2       Csus2       Csus2
In truth I hate to be alone

Chorus: (Different Strum Pattern)

It's in my blood and it's in my bones

In my heart and it's in my soul

             E                  Asus2
And when I'm gone I hope you'll understand

When I get home I will make amends

When Tuesday comes I'll be gone again

And when I'm gone

                   Asus2              D5
I hope you'll understand 
(I hope you'll understand)

It's in my blood

            D5                    Asus2                  
I miss your touch and I miss your smile

              Csus2             G
The thing you do that drives me wild

        D5             Asus2         Csus2      G
But you know, It's the way it has to be

        D5              Asus2
Another day and another round

          Csus2             G
I miss my friends in my hometown

       D              Asus2         Csus2         Csus2
But in truth it's the reason that I leave



  F# G5        
e x  x  
B x  x  
G x  x  
D 4  5  
A 4  5  
E 2  3  

F#                                 G5 
Would you love me the same

If I never started dreamin'

F#                         G5
Are we better this way

Ever since I started leavin'

(Solo is Chorus chords if you choose to play it)

Chorus (2x)

End on D5
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