Blue Oyster Cult - Nosferatu chords

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Artist: Blue Oyster Cult
Song: Nosferatu
Tabbed by: Corey Baldwin
This is most of the song minus the guitar solos and a few tweaks.
I know it's not 100%. If you find any errors please feel free to make corrections.

Em          G        F#  F
Deep in the heart of Germany
Em                D         Em
Lucy clutched her breast in fear
Em          G           F#      F
She heard a beat of her lover's heart
Em            D        Em
For weeks she raved in dreams he appeared
C           D       Em
From far off Transylvania

C                D
Only a woman can break his spell
C                               D
Pure in heart who will offer herself

Em            C  D  B
To Nosferatu

Em        G         F#        F
This ship pulled in without a sound
Em           D       Em
The faithful captain long since cold
Em          G            F#     F
He kept his log till the bloody end
Em         D     Em
Last entry read "Rats in the hold.
C          D                 Em
My crew is dead - I fear the plague"


Guitar Solo:

Em Em         Em       D Em
Mortal terror reigned
Em Em      E      D        Em
Sickness now then horrible death
Only Lucy knew the truth
Am               B
And at her window

Em            G         F#   F
So chaste, so calm, she gave herself
Em     D               Em
To the pleasure of the dreaded master
Em            G        F#       F
He sucked the precious drops of life
Em             D        Em
Throughout the long and cold dark night

Am               F                  Am    F
One last goodbye, he was blinded by love
Am               F                  Am   G
One last goodbye, he was blinded by love
G          Am G F Em
Blinded by love

Em               G                 F#              F
He screamed with fear, he'd stayed too long in her room
Em          D       Em
The morning sun had come too soon
Em            G             F#      F
The spell was broken with a kiss of doom
C                D          Em
He vanished into dust, left her all alone

Em        G         F#        F
Em        G         F#        F
Em        G         F#        F

Guitar Solo:


To Nosferatu 
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