Breaking Benjamin - Give Me A Sign Acoustic chords

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Give Me a Sign Acoustic

    Em   D    Am   C    G    Bm

Intro(x2): Em, D, Am, C, G, D

Dead star shine, light up the sky
G         Bm     Am          C

I'm all out of breath, my walls are closing in
G              Bm         Am               C

Days go by, Give me a sign
G       Bm  Am       C

Come back to the end, the shepard of the damned
G            Bm          Am             C    


I can feel you falling away
Em             D          C

No longer the lost, no longer the same
G                    D

And I can see you starting to break
    Em            D               C

I'll keep you alive, if you show me the way
G                           D

Forever, and ever
Em           D

The scars will remain
G               C

I'm falling apart, leave me here forever in the dark
G                  D

Intro (x2): Em, D, Am, C, G, D

Verse replacing lyrics with:
Daylight dies
Blackout the sky
Does anyone care?
In anybody there?
Take this life
Empty inside
I'm already dead
I'll rise to fall again



             God help me I've come undone.
G        Bm     Am                 C

               Out of the Light of the sun
G        Bm    Am         C

Chorus minus "im falling apart, leave me here forever in the dark"


Give me a sign,  there's something buried in the word
G              D

Give me a sign,  your tears are adding to the flood
Em             C


Forever, and ever
G            D

The scar's will remain
Em                C

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