Brudadoug - 123 tab

123 (To Have You Around)
by: Bruda'Doug
TRANSCRIBED BY++++TiM0thy jEnkins+++++
from the 'Bethany Mysteries' album---b-side recording
Standard tuning


verse1 (use SKA chords)
         A         F#m D         E
when the sun comes up, open your eyes
        A      F#m   D            E
it's begun, my love, don't you realize---that
       A          F#m      D                   E
when a star burns out, you still will see it's glow, though
     A     F#m       D        E
it's so far out, and so long ago...

A         D           E            E
One, two, three- when ever you are lone-ly
A         D            E             E
call, on, me- i'm just waiting to be there
     F#m         E        D                A
whenever you are happy or even when you're down
     F#m           E            D              E
you know it always helps me, to have you a-rou-ou-nd!

[A F#m Fill* E]

         A       F#m       D                E
when the moon is down, and you are- on your luck
      A         F#m        D                 E
it is true, I've found, to get up get up get up--yeah
D            E                F#m             E
Any time you feel alone, just play yourself a song
    D              E             F#m       E
you know that i am coming home to help you sing along [repeat]

into chorus
and thats all folks!
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