Brudadoug - Where You Belong chords

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Song: Where You Belong
Artist: Bruda' Doug
Transcribed By: Norman Heinl

Intro: [C C Am Am]
C          F               G
Here I've, come to rest my head, I know that
    C        F                 G
you tried, a different kind of life only
   C          F                 G
to find, that complications can find the better
     C          F           G
some times, and darlin' you need to be:

      C     G     Am               F
Where you belong, sev'ral thousand miles away you
C         G           Am                        F
call your home, a few months will pass, but you know we'll last, and
  C        G            Am                F
before too long, you'll realize that it's wrong to be apart
      C      G   Am    F       [C C Am Am]
and you're in my arms..forever

C              F            G
So fare, for a while on the island and I'll
   C                F               G
be there, where our lives will come together, you know
        C                F        G
I'll be there, when I've saved up enough, you know its
    C          F            G
not fair, it's hard to live without each other..[chorus]

F            G            Am
Always isn't ever what it seems
     F                G          C
I'll live with you forever in my dreams
  F             G        Am
I think and somehow I believe
     F            G            [C C F G]
That you would be happier with me
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