Brudadoug - After Today chords

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song: after today
artist: bruda'doug
transcribed by: Norman Heinl

this song was originally from the Disney movie: 
A Goofey Movie. Bruda'Doug just changed the key, a few of the chords and some of 
the lyrics. It sounds really cool when you play it on an accoustic guitar with the 
capo on the second fret!!!!

intro: G G G G
             G              G
They've been laughin' since I can remember
            G                  G
But they're not gonna laugh anymore
No more "Douglas- the-Geek", 
         D                         F
no more "Goof-of-the-Week" like before

         G                 G
No more algebra tests 'til September
        G                      G    
No more havi'n to try to fit in
        C                       D
No more havin' to cheat, No more mystery meat
        F                           F
No more gym,No more gym,No more gym!NO MORE GYM!

      C                   D
Gonna move to the mall or live in the pool
      C                       D
Gotta talk to Roxanne and not feel like a fool 

G               Em        D
After today Iím gonna be cruisiín.
G                      D
After today, she'll be mine!
G              Em           D
After today my brains'll be snoozing
G                         D
If I don't faint, I'll be fine!
         C          D         C       D
I've got forty more minutes of Home Economics
      C            D            C           D
Then down with the textbooksAnd up with the comics!
Just think of all the time I've been losing
C           Em
Finding the right thing to say
Things'll be goin' my way after today

She looks right through me
And who could blame her?
I need a new me Plus some positive proof 
that I'm not just a goof

G                   Em       D
And after today I'm gonna be cruisin'
G                      D
No more pep rallies to cut Blech!
G              Em           D
After today my brains'll be snoozing
G                   D
I'm gonna sit on my butt
I've got less than an hour
And when this is ended
I'll either be famous
Or Iíll be suspended!
G                     C            Em
Just think of all the time I've been losing

Waiting until I could could say

Gonna be on my ownKiss the parents good-bye
Gonna party from now 'til the end of July

Things'll be goin' my way
After today
I wish that this was the day
After today
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