Bullet For My Valentine - A Place Where You Belong chords

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Artist: Bullet For My Valentine
Song: A Place Where You Belong
Album: Fever

Hey guys! ^_^

I couldnt find many good chord tabs of this, and its a beautiful song, so I 
thought Id have a go at tabbing it myself. I hope I didn't kill it XD

Its pretty simple, and I know its supposed to be played in Drop C but I couldnt be 
bothered to detune so I worked it out in Standard. Any comments or corrections, Im 
happy to hear them :) 


Intro and Verse 

(just pick some notes out of the chord for the intro, then listen for the 
strumming, its pretty simple)
       Bm      G
Your body's cold
Bm       G                  Bm    G
Hope is lost I can't let go
       Bm             G (hold)
Can I die with you so we can never grow old?
Bm       G
Cut the ties
Bm            G               Bm     G
   With this note you left behind
       Bm             G
As I read the words I hear you telling me why


Bm         A
Too late, too late
I never said goodbye
Bm         A
Too late, too late
Can't even ask you why
    G         A        Bm                       G
And now I'm wasting         away in my own misery
I hope you've finally gone to a place where you belong

(Repeat Intro and Verse)

My sadness shows
As your name is carved in stone
Can't erase the words, so the reality grows
I wish Id died
On that night right by your side
So just kill me now and let the good times roll

CHORUS (same as first chorus)


    Will you wait for me? (Will you wait for me?)
Will I see you on the other side?
You won't have to wait too long
Yeah, yeah

Will you come to me? (Will you come to me?)
Will you take me to the other side?
Because here I don't be-long

SOLO = (G, A, Bm) x3, then G A

CHORUS (same as first chorus), then repeat till end (Bm)

I never said goodbye
Can't even ask you why (I've wasted)
Away in my own misery
I hope you've finally gone to a place where you belong 


Ta da! Hope you liked, rate and comment please! :P 

I havent been tabbing stuff for very long so please dont be too hard on me if its terrible XD

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