Chron Gen - Reality chords

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INTRO:    Am     C    x4
ALL IN:    Am     C    x4

Am          C          Am           C          Am     C       Am    C
There's a space shuttle, in the sky tonight
A moonlight sky and the stars are very bright
He wants to go and fight them on his own
He's living in the bedroom, all alone

B                                          A
And he's seeing, things he has never, ever seen
F#                                  E
He's in the real reality, he's blown his mind
B                                           A
And things, are being seen so differently 
F#                         E
in the real reality He's blown his mind

REPEAT INTRO:    Am     C    x4
ALL IN:    Am     C    x4

There's a devil in the fire changing color so much
Warm hands in the fire, no burning touch
Can't wait to meet them, go upstairs, theres an evil air
The bed is moving, all around him, say your prayer 


OUTRO:   C    E    F     G  x5
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