City And Colour - Forgive Me tab

Cross My Heart Tab by Dallas Green, www.Ultimate-Guitar.Com

Hey guys, i just looked at another tab and corrected a couple of things so this tab 
a lot like the original one.

Tuning : Standard (CAPO ON 2ND FRET)

G|-0-----0---0-----0---------0----------0---0---0-----------|  REPEATED
D|--------------------------------------3---0---------------|   THROUGHOUT

   C         G     Am         G          F   G   Am      G

   C       G
So cross my heart
    Am       G
And hope to die
   F      G
Before i have
    Am         G
The chance to lie
   C      G
To you my dear
Am         G
i wish no harm
F         G         Am         G
i know the end will turn out wrong
    C      G        Am        G
see i been known to fall in love
    F          G        Am       G
but sometimes love just is not enough
   C          G
my heart will strain
 Am         G
before to long
    F       G     Am     G         Am
so please listen when i sing this song
Am             F
I'l sing this song
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