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Coheed And Cambria - I Shall Be Released tab

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I tabbed this song from the Taylor acoustic video....I didn't tab the solo because the 
angle wasn't good enough.....enjoy!!
E-    022100
F#m-  244222
G#m-  466444
A6-   x02222
F#5-  244xxx

 E                          F#m
They say everything can be replaced,
G#m            A6       F#5    E
they say every distance is not real.
E                   F#m
So I remember every face
G#m      A6      F#5    E
Of every man who put me here
E                   F#m
I see my light come shining
G#m      A6        F#5    E
From the west down to the east.
E           F#m
Any day now, any way now,
G#m  A6       E
I   shall be released.

The rhythm is repeated for the whole song.
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