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Colin Hay - Maggie tab

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This tab is by me, Oruku Saki. Feb 2006.

Capo 1st Fret to match the recorded version, all chords are relative.

      E  A  D  G  B  E
Em    0  2  2  0  0  0
Dadd9 2  0  0  2  3  0
C     0  3  2  0  1  0
CMaj9 0  2  0  0  1  0
Am    x  0  2  2  1  0
G     3  2  0  0  3  3
D     x  x  0  2  3  2

Em Dadd9 Em C CMaj9
Am Em

Em     Dadd9             Em      C  CMaj9
When I first set eyes on you,

Am        Em
First you beat me up,

G                  D
Then you kissed me too.
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Em         Dadd9           Em      C  CMaj9
We'd throw stones into the sea,

Am            Em
There were no others there,

G            D
Just you and me.

Em         Dadd9                Em      C  CMaj9
Across the bridge and down the lane,

Am            Em
I knew I loved you then,

G                    D
You said you did the same.

C  Em
Oh Maggie,

C             Em
What have you done,

C             Em
I should have seen it coming,

Em                   D
And to your side I'd run.

C  Em
Oh Maggie,

C            Em
Come to me tonight,

C           Em
I will wait up for you,

Em               D
Make sure you're alright.

I miss you.
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