David Bazan - Selling Advertising Acoustic tab

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Capo 2nd fret

You're so creative
With your reviews
Of what other people do
        D              C                          G
How satisfying that must be for you

Am I a christian?
Are you a jew?
Did you kill my Lord?
Must I forgive you?

Em           C              Am
I know it's hard to be original
           D                         G
In fact nothing scares me more
              Em           Am
Because Jesus only lets me do
            B7                C
What has been done before
     Cm7                G
The path of least resistance
    B7              C
Ancient holy wars
        Cm7             G
The same old easy targets
                 B7                   C
Yeah, we've all been there before

      D                 D7               G
So if it starts to get you down
Just pretend
  F(mod C)                      C(bar 8th )
That you don't make your living
        B7(bar 7th)         G(bar then drop 7th)  
From selling advertising
Tracking trends
F(mod C)             C(bar 8th )
Coraling demographics
        B7(bar 7th)       G(bar)
And maximising traffic

C                         Am                         E
Then if you get tired of making tapes for free
                     Am          D7             C
You can always start a band with me
     C7         G
Or anybody 

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