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Dexys Midnight Runners - Free chords

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Intro D G EM A

D                      G
At first I didn't know how I would be
Without somebody lovin me
Would I be lost inside?
 D                               G
But then I knew no valid love could not fix me
No one could heal that part of me 
I'm better off alone

D                             G
Now I can't fuckin wait to go outside and live my life
Unless I'm free
And now im gonna be the man I'm meant to be

(Same chords throughout song - D G  EM  A)

They said if you don't marry your be lonely
All good men raise a family (oh yeah)
Well that's not what I see
In truth some of them they don't seem so happy
They tolerate misery and that is not for me
Come on come oon come on
Sometimes I think I should get some monogamy
And try to fit into society just be like everybody
(One Problem) I I don't wanna live like them
No I don't wanna be like them
I'm the one who must be free
Ad libs at end
Why should I buy a book when I can join the library
It don't make no sese to me
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