Disciple - Someday chords

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Here's probably my favorite song from Disciples new cd, lyrics are so awesome! :) 
Anyways, this is in standard tuning... enjoy! 

Verse 1:
          Bm                               G            D
There are days when all the color turns to grey, and if feels there's no 
                F#M             Bm                     G
solace from the pain. and I'm on my knees asking for a reason why, but the 
D                                F#M
answers all seem miles and miles away

           Bm                           G             
But we are all design to hope, built to long for something more, So I will
D                       A
hold on, hold on, cause we will overcome.

G      D        A              Bm                  G      D    
Someday we will rise above the pain of this world, someday the grave and 
A                     Bm  A              G                 D      
death will lose their sting. There'll be no more tears and no more shame, 
    A                  Bm        G     D              A Bm      G,D,A,Bm,A
and all our scars will fade away. Only love will remain, someday. 

(Verse 2, Pre-Chorus 2, and Chorus are the exact same as the first!) 

G       D                 A             Bm                     G
Someday we wont call this home, someday death will lose its hold, until
D                 A         Bm      Bm
then we will hold on, hold on, hold on.. (just before "we", play the G) 
G            D       A  
We will rise above...... We will rise above

(Then on to the Chorus, then the bridge again) Thats about it, hope you liked it! 
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