Emiliana Torrini - Next Time Around chords

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Then came question and it  was about time           D   A
The answer came back and it was long                Am  Bb
The house it was built by so men in rhyme           D   Am
But whatever came of his talented son               Gm Bb Gm Bb Gm Bb Gm Bb
Who wrote me a dialogue set a tune                  C   F
Always you told me of being alone                   Cm  Eb
Except for the stories about God and you            Bb  Cm
And do you still live there, in Bufallo             Gm Bb Gm Bb Gm Bb Gm Bb

They put up the walls, no more to say               D   A
Nobody stopped to ask why it was done               Am  Bb
The stream was too far and the rains to high        D  Am
So into the city the river did run                  Gm Bb Gm Bb Gm Bb Gm Bb

Because of the architect the buildings fell down    C  F
Smothered and drowned all the seeds that you sowed  Cm Eb
I wish I was somewhere but not in this town         Bb Cm
Maybe the ocean next time around                    Gm Bb Gm Bb Gm Bb Gm Bb

I seem to remember the face and the name            D  A
But if it's not you I don't care                    Am Bb
I know of changes, but nothing would change you     D  Am
To Theo the sailor who sings in his lair            Gm Bb Gm Bb Gm Bb Gm Bb

Then I'll turn and he won't be there,               C  F
Dusky black windows to light the dark stair         Cm Eb
Candles will nod in the musty air                   Bb Cm
Oh, with the flames for as many as the years        Gm Bb Gm Bb Gm Bb Gm Bb
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