Fall Out Boy - What A Catch Donnie chords

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(The ending) 

F             E
Where is your boy tonight? 
  Dm			                    C
I hope he  is a gentleman     Maybe  he
Bb		              Bb/A
Down, down in an earlier  round
    G                  C
And sugar were  down  swinging. Ill be your
F                   E                    Dm
Dance, dance, we're falling apart to halftime  
Dance, dance, these are the lives you would lead  
Bb			                        Bb/A
This ain't a scene, it's a goddamn arms race 
G                          C
This ain't a scene, it's a goddamn arms race  
F             E
One night and one more time  
Thanks for the memories  
Even though they 
        Bb      Bb/A              G      C
Growing up,              growing  up 

(On This part do like the song and strum the strings once for each (except C), it 
sounds better that way)

F     E 
I got troubled thoughts 

        Dm             C (only exception, strum twice)
And the self-esteem to match 

       Bb        A              G 
What a catch,            what a catch 
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