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Fall - Copped It tab

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Said I aint no millionaire But I spent more money than one ever seen...

...Hey hey hey hey...

...And Im singing the song cause I copped it baby...

Confessions confessions Bring detractors Keeping shtum Brings dough and

attractions Costello, ideas trenchant borrows New song benefactor
Is the past tomorrow...

And Im singing the song cause I copped it baby...
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Dont last long Theres guns behind you...
...And you cant hang on with a cuff of him and girl..

...Taking out a policy for love and destruction...
...I know Ive copped but Im not the only one...

this is tabbed from a radio version, not the original version, so i'm not 100% sure it 
all right. you can recognize the progression from listening to the song and just repeat 
as necessary. G-A-C is pretty simple.
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