Five Finger Death Punch - Coming Down tab

My First tab. Did this all by ear, I think it's pretty close so hope it helps!

Tuning: half step down, then drop D it. 

1 string  |----------------------------|
2 string  |----------------------------|
3 string  |----------------------------|
4 string  |-------0--------------------|
5 string  |----------0--0--0--0--------|
6 string  |----0-------7--8--5--5h7----| x3 

Then it goes something like this

1st  |------------------------|
2nd  |------------------------|
3rd  |------------------------|
4th  |------------------------|
5th  |-----0---0--0----0------|
6th  |---12--10--7-7--5-------|

Thanks! Let me know what you think. If it's a little confusing I can get a how to 
video posted ASAP.
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