Flight Of The Conchords - Bus Drivers Song tab

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Bus Drivers Song
Tabbed by Yeldarb

F	Gm	A#	A

Second guitar part is something like:

Intro repeated until:

Cm					     	   D			A
ÖWhere I was caught with a friend age 11 sniffing tractor fuel

We thought we were pretty cool breaking them changing shed rules

F			       	 Gm
But do you see up there?  The banner hanging in the air

A#				   A
The Presbyterian fair, well I never go, thereís too many Presbyterians there

Gm			   		 C
But if youíre interested, the fairís in the third weekend of August every year

Gm				         		   C
But donít bother entering the raffle, itís always won by some kid of the Mayor

F						Gm
Oh do you hear that sound?	The town clock heard from anywhere in town

A#		         		   A
Until 1960, there was a little place in Norway, we bought it for a hundred pounds.

Cm					     		    D
Rumor has it they sold it cheap because the chimes were too

But every time I hear that sound it makes me so proud

C(Stacato)		      E
Look to your left, what a beautiful sight

F			         	   E
Itís Paula, Paula Thompson, nee Paula Wright

C					    E
Look at her hair, itís still gorgeous even now

F				  			  E
Flowing like the Waimahunga river, which incidentally is to your right

C						  E
And is the largest in the area, in terms of volume

F			   E
Everybody look at Paula, Look at Paula Thompson

F					  Am
I always thought Iíd marry Paula, but some things just
donít work out that way

F								    Gm
Well thatís the most important thing youíll learn on the tour today

That and the fact that thereíll be a toilet break at the

information center near the mermaid lake


C	 E			    F	   E		   F
Paula Thompson born in í54, to a family of four

E			    F		   E		   C
To the family next door, take me back next door

C	 E				 F				   E
Paula Thompson meet Paula right, thatís her old house up at

F   E		   F				 E
39, Number 41 was mine, if this old coach could go back in

time, Iíd drive to 1979

(Take me back section)
D(5th fret)->D#->D (Repeat A few times)

Repeat Intro once, end of F
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