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Floater - Bound For Glory chords

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"Bound For Glory" by Floater
from the album "Acoustics"

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Tune down 1/2 step.


    Bm	  A	 G6     Amaj9  F#7sus4   C5  A#5  A5

Verse riff: 
Bm Bm A - Bm Bm A

If you can't break the rules, don't play the game
The silence that you crave will come around too often
When you're the only one whose left to blame
You gather up the baggage for your coffin

	    G6			  Amaj9	   	   G6		  F#7sus4  
And in the bright lights of the restaurant where nothing seems to fade
	 G6		  Amaj9		       G6	F#7sus4
You can feel the crushing weight of all the promises you made that can't be true

Verse riff: 
Bm Bm A - Bm Bm A

The stranger on the highway seems to show
Desire to move on in one direction
Trouble is you've got no place to go
Still somehow you know there's a connection

	    G6		     Amaj9	      G6  	     F#7sus4  
And in the headlights of the passing cars the fear all fades away
   G6		Amaj9	   	   G6		 F#7sus4  
An Eastern glow directs you to the coming of the day that's meant for you


A5 - C5 - A#5 - A5

A5   C5		     A#5		  A5
The sounds from all around they tell the story
     C5			A#5			A5
The game is played the choice you made you're bound for glory

C5 - A#5 - A5

You're bound for it...

[Repeat 1st verse & chorus]

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