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Flyleaf - Again tab

Drop D

OK! this is my first tab!!!  I only have the Intro/Chorus....
...& I got a Lil bit of the verse :)
I'm still figuring out the rest of the song, but as soon as 
I figure it out I'll  update it!!! K? :)

OH, and for the people that like to find every thing wrong 
with people's tabs: if there is something wrong with it, 
correct it, don't be an be an ass and leave 
"Rude Ass" comments about it!!
THX!!! :):):)

if any Q's e-mail me!!
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e|-------------------|     |---------------------|
b|-12~--10~--7~--5~--|     |-12~--15~--17~--19~--|
g|-12~--10~--7~--5~--|x3   |-12~--15~--17~--19~--|
d|-12~--10~--7~--5~--|     |-12~--15~--17~--19~--|
a|-------------------|     |---------------------|
D|-------------------|     |---------------------|

Lil bit of the Verse

:) There you go!!
like I said, as soon as I figure out the rest, I'll update it!!

x = Muted
/ = Slide
~ = elongated note

:)= Happiness 

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