Gentry Montgomery - Long Line Of Losers chords

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D                             G
granddady was irish cherokee ran moonshine from here to tennessee
D                                           A
spent half his life in the montgomery county jail
D                              G
grandma she got drunk and left her kids on her mamas front steps
D                   A              D
nobodies heard from her sense she high tailed

i come from a long line of losers
half outlaw half boser
D                                  A
i was born with a shot glass in my hand
D                               G
a little hippy a little redneck  im always a suspect
D           A             D
my bloodline  made me who i am

use the same pattern through the whole  song here are the rest of the lyrics:
 my daddy never finished school but he shot one mean game of pool took a bullet for
cars down in birmingham
mama always went to church but we soon found out what her reasons were she got caught at
motel with a preacher man


yeah my bloodline made me who i am
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