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Haste The Day - White As Snow tab

Haste the Day
White As Snow
Attack of the Wolf King

Tab by: Space frog

Tuning is Drop A I believe...
I have done this tab with my 8 string guitar though so fingering patterns might be a 
little weird as I had to transpose some stuff...

Here's a cover I did with my 8 string:

The rythm patterns can be figured out pretty easily so I'll just write down the notes and chords.

Intro (notes fade in and out with delay in the background)
B |18---17-------------|
D |----------15---13---|
A |--------------------|
E |--------------------|
A |--------------------|

First verse (fade in fade out, delay)

B |18---10---13--------|18---10-------------|18---10--------|18--------|
D |--------------------|--------------------|---------------|----------|
A |--------------------|--------------------|---------------|----------|
E |--------------------|--------------------|---------------|-----1-1-1|
A |--------------------|--------------------|---------------|-----1-1-1|

Chorus (this is the riff that's repeated over and over in every choruses)
B |-----------------------|-----------------------|
D |------3----------------|-----------------------|
A |1--1--3----------------|1--1--5----------------|
E |1--1--1-----------1-1-1|1--1--5-----------1-1-1|
A |1--1--------------1-1-1|1--1--5-----------1-1-1|
                     pm---|                  pm---|

Also, there's a ghostly guitar in the background during the choruses that keeps playing 
these notes with a lot of vibrato:
B |10~--------------------|-----------------------|
D |-----------------------|-----------------------|
A |-----------------------|-----------------------|
E |-----------------------|-----------------------|
A |-----------------------|-----------------------|

Second verse (fade in fade out, delay)

B |18---10---13--------|18---10-------------|
D |--------------------|--------------------|
A |--------------------|--------------------|
E |--------------------|--------------------|
A |--------------------|--------------------|

Chorus again

Bang that head!
B |-------------------------------|
D |-------------------------------| repeat many times...
A |-------------------------------|
E |1---111-1-1-1-1---111-1--------|
A |1---111-1-1-1-1---111-1-1br0---|
       pm---|  pm   pm------------|

When he starts singing again before the last chorus, switch the ben for more palm muted 
Bb power chords (Bb5).
Then you get in the last chorus, where you repeat the chorus riff endlessly and the song 
ends on a Bb power chord (Bb5).

I think this is pretty much right.
Some of the notes in the verses and intro might sound weird but it's because of some 
harmonies in the background that I didn't take time to decode.
I wrote down what my ear heard.

Hope you enjoyed it, it's a great song, have fun with it.
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