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Hellacopters - Everythings On Tv tab

Song: Everything's on TV
Band: The Hellacopters
Album: Rock & Roll is Dead!
Year: 2005
Tab: Intro
Tabber: daultrabomb
Tuning: Half-step down

Just the Intro. Sounds correct to me. The Tab by "God of Music" is correct, too, but 
this one is much easier; very simple chords.
My first tab, enjoy! :-)

     F        D       Am                F        D        Am

       F         D        Am                   F         D        Am

The main part is a strumming variation of the chords used in the intro
(F, D & Am).
I'm not sure how the last part is played correctly.
I think it sounds pretty cool and damn close to the original.

       F          D        A
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