Hillsong United - Still chords

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[-1-1-0    [-1-1--0        [--------                                                   
[------    [-------        [--------                                               
[------    [-------        [--------                                                     
[------  F [-------  Am7   [--------  G                                               
[------    [-------        [--3-5---                                                     
[------    [-------        [--------                                                   

C9  G/B Am7 F     D/F#  G   
hide me now under your wings
C9    F  Dm                 G
cover me within your mighty hands 

                F         G       C 
when the oceans rise and thunders roar
            F        G         Am
I will soar with you above the storm 
               F    G        C
Father you are king over the Flood
              F     G            C 
And I will be still know you our God

C9   G/B     Am7  F         D/F#-G  
find rest my soul in Christ alone
C9       F     Dm               G
know his power in quietness and trust
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