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Ian Moore - Lie tab

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edit ņo nlng kung my mali sa chords paki-email na din sa kin


intro: F-C-Bb-Dm-C (2x)

Verse 1:

F                          Bb
 I see the sadness in your soul
I want to apologize
                   Bb      C
But how can I come in it's locked my dear
F               Bb                 F
 The angels are dead come on let's fly before the
Bb           C
Green fades away
[ Tab from: ]
F        C  
 Come on fuck me to sleep
    Dm                 Bb   C
And tell me that we'll be okay
F        C      Dm                     Bb     C
 Come on lie to me and tell that we'll live again

Veser 2: 
repeat Chords on Verse 1

Hit me in I'll take you far
Your eyes are so pretty
Can you still see me?
Look! my tears are freezing
The devils are dancing
Come on let's fly before the green fades away

(repeat Chorus)

Verse 3
repeat Chords on Verse 1

All the needles in your head are under my bed
I wanna fall into an deep sleep
Please! it's getting too heavy
I beg of you lie to me
I beg of you lie to me
Fake it!

(repeat intro)
(repeat chorus)

aun Lng....


FS ko


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