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Joel Plaskett - Old Friends chords

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Old Friends

Joel Plaskett

D                      Em

Old friends in a deep groove

F#m           Bm        A       G       

We still got something left to prove

(Repeat same chords as above throughout verse)

With no plans and no kids                  
And so much water under the bridge           
Old friends in a new town
We donít need a reason to go get down

A                  G

All I want to do

D                    D/C

Is reminisce for an hour

       D/B       D/A  

Blow a kiss and devour
         D/G         D/F#            Em

All the love in the world could be ours

Sour grapes turn to fine wine
They just need a few years on a winding vine
With my eyes shut and my mouth closed
I listen for the train and the whistle blows
Like a school bell or a rotary phone
Iíll go back to the well when I get back home

All I want to do
Is pretend for a night
That the endís out of sight
For old friends I will leave on a light

Old friends on a new guitar
And thereís so much whisky at the bar

All I want to do
Is disappear down the hall
In the mirror on the wall
And that look on your face says it all

All I want to do
Is pretend for a day
That the endís still a light year away
For old friends who will say:
ďWeíre you there, when the spirit spilled?Ē
Some kinds of love canít be distilled
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