Johnny Cash - Darling Companion chords

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G                                       D 
Darling Companion, come on & give me understandin 
And let me be your champion 
The one to hold your pretty hand in 
             G                                D 
Darling companion, now you know you'll never be abandond 
Love will always light our landin' 
I can depend on you 
Darling Companion, heaven knows where we'll be landin' 

Just as long as we keep laughin' 

Keep in mind just what would happen 

Darling Companion, I tell the mountains & the canyon 

As long as I got legs to stand on 

I'm gonna run to you 
CHO.... mmmmm A saucy mare like you should have a steed 
         mmmmm A little lying down with me is what you need 
Inst       D     G    D    A    D 
Repeat 2nd verse.... 

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