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Loso - Tiger tab

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Hey, I'm Josh. This is a song by Sek Loso (one of my fav. thai artist). If you have any 
hit me up on my email.
anyways hope you like it. =)

On the "F" its really played 1 bar but i don't know what its called so yeah.
intro: C Em Am G

All tears are the same
Em                      Am
Death is part of life
you and I are parts of them
When the sun is coming down
Em                      Am
When we're old and gray
Then the party's over
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Dm                                  Am
To live in the same world would be paradise
  Dm                               G
As long as you can sing from your soul inside

C                                 F
Will you sing this song come and sing along
         Dm                   G
I'm not weak or strong I can feel any pain
      C                       F
Goodbye tiger skin, Goodbye diamond ring
         Dm              G                C
Come in lonely eyes that ta-u-ught me to love

C Em Am G

All fears are the same
Em                     Am
No one takes the blame
Since my daddy's gone
Angel's drinking wine
Em                     Am
Heart's fly to the sky
Moon beams light it's sleeping

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