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Marc Cohn - Providence tab

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From the Burning the Daze album.

Standard tuning

Chords used:

Dm - XX0231
F - 133211
C - X32010
G - 320033
Bb - X13331

Intro: Dm - F - C - G x2


Dm                   F
I talk to you in turbulence

C                     G
That's when I see the light

Dm                     F
But she has visions of the hillside

C                      G
Then she speaks in tongues all night

Dm                      G
You've got such a faithful little servant

C                       G
Why don't you pay her no mind


F        C           
She prays for providence

She needs a little more of your attention

F        C   
She waits for providence

Just a little intervention

second verse and chorus the same. Then the Bridge after the second chorus:

G                  Bb
Are you thinking something

F                C
and not letting on

G                     Bb
Will she understand what you planned

F                C
Before she's gone

There it is, it's only a rough version of the chords and can probably be improved,
so please comment with any improvements.
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