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Motley Crue - Hollywood Ending tab

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Tuning: D
REMINDER: these are the chord shapes of standard tuning. even though this song is not in 
tuning, this makes it a bit easier to understand

Intro E D A x2

Did you want it this way
Ab              A          Am
Breaking us down a little bit at a time
E               Ab
Is it easier now that I'm not around
A         Am
Oh is it time to draw the line
We don't have to pretend
Ya got your Hollywood ending

Chorus ( the timing is difficult with the words so here is the chords )
E D A x2

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Leave it to me
Ab                A           Am
To act like a fool begging you to come back
E              Ab
When I had you I had everything
A          Am
Now all I have is this photograph
There's nothing here to defend
it's not a Hollywood ending

Chorus E D A x4
Gb                       D
Well you don't have to go
Oh you don't have to go
You could've been the star of

My show anytime
Gb                      D A
No, you don't have to go

E D A x4
I called on the phone
Came by your home
A            Am
To find out that you're not alone
Now we don't have to pretend
That it's a Hollywood ending

Chorus E D A about 10 times till end

thats about it if u have ne questions email me at
thank you and enjoy
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