Motorhead - I Aint No Nice Guy chords

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I Ain't No Nice Guy by Motorhead

Transcribed by Mairt

Other versions of this song on here are very inaccurate... This should set the record straight.

Tuning: Down a half step - D# G# C# F# 


A E D x2


A          E                D
When I was young I was the nicest guy I knew

A           G               D
I thought I was the chosen one

A             E                               D
But time went by and I found out a thing or two

A             G                D
My shine wore off as time wore on

A              E            D
I thought that I was living out the perfect life

A          G                     D
But in the lonely hours when the truth begins to surprise

A                   E            D
I thought about the times when I turned my back and sulked

A          G               D
I ain't no nice guy after all

The Second verse is the same chords and there is an extra line...

A          G              A
I ain't no nice guy after all


F#                            B
In all the years you spend between your birth and death

F#                                           B
You know there's lots of times when you should have saved your breath

E                                   A
It comes as quite a shock when that trip leads to a fall

           G              D
I ain't no nice guy after all

A          G              A
I ain't no nice guy after all


F#   B   F#   B   E   A      
  D   A   G   A  (The same as the bridge)

The third verse the first verse repeated but with the added line...

A          G            (D)A
I ain't no nice guy after all

In my opinion, it couldn't be any simpler... If you have any question or if anything is 
to understand you can contact me by leaving a comment. Listen to the song while playing 
check out Lemmy and Phil's unplugged version on Youtube.


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