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Mxpx - Sugarcoated Poison Apple tab

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Date: Sat, 10 Jan 1998 08:48:38 -0500 (EST)
Subject: CRD: sugarcoated_poison_apple.crd by Mxpx

Song: Sugarcoated Poison Apple
Band: Mxpx
Album: Teenage Politics (1995)
Written by Mike Herrera, arranged by Mxpx
Transcribed by Luke Knox (

This is a great song by one of my favorite punk bands, MxPx.
It's not too tough to play, but it IS fun to play! Here it is:

Chords used:
   C   G   Eii Fii Gii F   E   B

C                         G                       Eii
It eats away at you I know, so hard to let it go, let
                      Fii     Gii      C
yourself go, yah just let yourself go. It consumes you can't
       G                          Eii
you see that sin hates everybody. Everybody sin hates
Fii  Gii
C             G               Eii              Fii    Gii
Even though I know the reason why it breaks me down I wanna
     C            G            Eii                  Fii
cry. I search for comfort in a friend, when will my troubles
Gii      C  G      Eii Fii  Gii  C  G       Eii Fii Gii
ever end. . . Ever end,     ever end,  never end. . . .

C                        F                             E
Sugarcoated poison apple tastes so good that you can't see
                                      F                 G
the death and decay that's inside and what it's done to me.
C                        F
The sugarcoated poison apple tastes so good how could you
E                            F                  G
know it's deceitful lies and where you're gonna go. You will
C    C  C

C  C  C  G  B (4x)

That's pretty much all you need to know. At the end, play the chorus
chords with no lyrics, and end on a C.

I hope you like this. Please e-mail me with comments, suggestions, or
anything else.

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