My Darkest Days - Every Lie chords

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"Every Lie"
Dm    F            Bb         Gm 
  So where did you sleep the night before
Dm    F              Bb        Gm 
  I doubt that your phone was dying
Dm     F             Bb         Gm  
  I'm supposed to believe that was what you wore
Dm     F          Bb            Gm  
  Said you were alone, I don't buy it

Now I can't stay

Surrounded by 
Dm     F             Bb        Gm 
Every lie that won't come true
Now you wanna take the time
But why would you
Think you're gonna make it right
But how could you
So I can't stay
Surrounded by
(surrounded by)
Every lie

You might as well just stop crying
It doesn't mean much to me anymore
A little too late to start trying
I'm taking this love of the life support

Now I can't stay


Bb        C#
Trying to undo
     Dm            C#
The love that I'm tied to
     Bb          C#
Who haven't you lied to?

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