My Epic - Childbodybride chords

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By My Epic
tabbed by keyhater

Capo 3

The Dsus/G/Dsus is kind of a weird strum pattern between those two chords, and after G 
is a walk down to D.
Just listen to the song, you'll figure that out.

Em - 0 2 2 0 0 0
Dsus - 2 X 0 2 3 X
G - 3 2 0 0 3 X
D - X X 0 3 2 3
C - X 3 2 0 1 0

Em                            [ch]Dsus/G[/ch]/Dsus
When they laid my King to rest
It was my shame He wore to bed
Em                           [ch]Dsus/G[/ch]/Dsus
And it's the only part of Him
The Father did not resurrect

Now in my Father's land,

There are no lesser men,
Nobody barely wins or only just gets in,
'Cause Jesus never fell in love,
With open eyes He walked directly to the cross,
        C                  D
He knew exactly what I cost,

and He still went.

Em [ch]Dsus/G[/ch]/Dsus D

Like a body, close-connected and known,
[ch]Dsus/G[/ch]/Dsus       D
So You've called us, and so we are,
And like a child nurtured, protected, adored,
[ch]Dsus/G[/ch]/Dsus              D
Somehow You name us, and so we are,
And like a bride, cherished at dawn and waited for,
So intimate with every title that You love her for.

My God, You never fell in love,
With open eyes You chose to die upon the cross,
         C                  D
You knew exactly what I cost,
      C                          D
I was worthless, but you made me worth it,
              C                           D
I was a slave content to beg beneath your table,

But You took me in and made me a son.

Solo: Em [ch]Dsus/G[/ch]/Dsus D   x2

G                   Dsus              C
When I finally arrive and my body glides me home,
G                       Dsus                      C
Jesus, who once bore my shame, adorned in majesty on His throne
G                Dsus                              C
I will stand and belong, wearing His righteousness as my cloak

Ending: G Dsus C

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