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Nevertheless - Sincerely tab

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artist: Nevertheless
title:  sincerely
tuning: standard tuning
tabbed by: rajha tahir

|        guys... i work a lot on this tab... hope u like it.God bLess      |
|          hear the song... love the message...and wake up the dead souls  |

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G/Em      D            C9 G/Bm  Em
Once again you compromised
          G/F#M        G           C9  G/Em
There's no life in your hopeless eyes
          D              C9 G/Bm Em
But it's just like yesterday
          G/F#M   G         C G/Bm C9
If you listen to what they say
          G        C  G/Em - G/F#M 
G - C9
And you feel hopeless
           G    C  G/Em - G/F#M - 
- C9
And you feel lost
          G        C  G/Em - G/F#M 
G - C9
And you feel hopeless
          G    C
And you feel lost

SAME CHORDS(just try to memorize the sequence of the song)

And you're tired of playing the fool
All your tears could form a pool of heartbreak and hopelessness
You head this life like all the rest

And you feel hopeless
And you feel lost
And you feel hopeless
And you feel lost

Open your eyes dear friend
And see that this is not the end
'Cause there's a man before you lived
With the love and power to forgive

- thats it.guys hope it u like it...please rate my tab??God bless everybody -
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