Norman Blake - Church Street Blues chords

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Church street blues by Norman Blake 
(The Comatose Brothers Version)
Transcribed by DWdrummer67. It's a great version, I hope you enjoy it.

Tuning: Standard (Capo 3rd fret)

D                G              Em      A        D
I been hangin' round this town, in the low down rain
   D                  G                 Em    A    D     
Watchin' good time Charlie friend, is drivin' me insane
D                 G                  Em            A     D          
Down on shady Charlotte Street, the green lights lookin red
D                    G            Em      A      D
Wish I was back home on the farm, in my feather bed.

D     G                Em        A               D
Get myself a rockin' chair, to see if I could lose
       G    Em     A    Em     G        A             D
These thin dimes, hard times hell on Church Street blues

D                G                 Em      A        D
Found myself a picker friend, who read yesterdays news
D                G              Em      A       D
Folded up page twenty-one, and stuck it in my shoes
D             G                Em        A       D
Gave a nickel to the poor, my good turn for the day
D             G                   Em      A   D     
Folded up my old bill fold, and threw it far away.


Break: (Play Entire Verse progression)

D                 G                  Em           A      D
Get myself some guitar strings, the gold Black Diamond brand
D                        G             Em      A          D
I'd string up this old Martin box, and go and join some band
D                 G                Em       A       D
Guess I'll just stay right here, pick and sing a while
D                  G                 Em         A       D
Try to make me a little change, and give them folks a smile.

Chorus (X2)
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