Portishead - Glory Box chords

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Intro: ( D# C#  C  B ) 
I'm so tired of playing 

Playing with this bow and arrow 

Gonna give my heart away 

Leave it to the other girls to play. 

For I've been a tempteress too long 
Oh yeah 
         C#         C          B           D# 
Give me a reason to love you 
         C#         C          B           D#         C# 
Give me a reason to be....................a woman 

( C B )                        D# 
         I just want to be a woman 
( D# C#  C  B ) 
From this time unchained 

We're all looking at a different picture 

Through this new frame of mind 

A thousand flowers could bloom 

Move over and give us some room 


( D# C#  C   B ) 
So don't you stop being a man 

Just take a little look from outside when you can 

Sow a little tenderness 

No matter if you cry 
( D# C#  C  B ) 
{Its all I want to be a woman} 
So I just want to be a woman 
For this is the beginning of forever and ever 
Its time to move over now 
(So I want to be) 
{Back to start again and fades} 
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