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Primal Scream - Jailbird tab

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Date: Wed, 19 Jan 2000 12:18:36 GMT
Subject: p/primal_scream/

Jailbird - Primal Scream
from the album: Give out but don't give up
transcribed by Gareth Clayton

NOTE: A chord version of this song already exists, transcribed by Ben
Smith.  However, it is not entirely correct:  he uses a D chord in place 
of a Bm, and an F#m chord instead of an F#.  Most importantly though, he
doesn't include the riff which is, without doubt, the best bit.  I should
however give Ben credit for making sense of the lyrics - something I could 
not have achieved in a thousand years! 

intro/main riff:

    play for 3 bars                 play for one bar

E I------------------------------I------------3--2---------I
B I------------------------------I------------3--3--2------I
G I--0h2--2----2------------2-0--I--0h2--2----0--2--2------I
D I--0h2--4h5--2h4--2p0-----2-0--I--0h2--4h5--0--0--2------I
A I---------------------3p0------I------------2--0--0------I
E I------------------------------I------------3------------I
h = hammer on
p = pull off

This riff pretty much takes the form of an A chord, using 
the first finger to block out the top 4 strings.  Obviously
the chords G->D->A conclude the fourth bar.

Overall, this riff is a great way to combine picking with
some funky strumming.  The "pull off" part labelled {useful}
can be used throughout the song during the A chord.

The chords for the rest of the song are as follows.

verse 1:
Scratchin' ..
G                Bm                G->D->A
I push and pull, ..
I've got ...
G                  Bm                      G->D->A
got horse ...
F#                     A
push and pull ...
Bm				D
walk it like ...

I'm yours, ..
G                  D
gimme more ....
(repeat x3)
I'm yours, you're mine
yeah yeah yeah

(main riff)

verse 2:
Structure of song:
riff (x2) / verse1 / chorus / 
riff      / verse2 / chorus / solo / riff (x many)
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